I’m turning yet another birthday over, in the very near future, and I can’t help but wonder what and who I may look like to others. Never gave that much thought until lately. Do I really care? Well yes, I do. I want to have the best handbag on my arm, look physically fit, wear my makeup properly and walk with a kick in my step. I think I do most of those things but there’s more and I want it. Sooooo, to make a long story short, there are commitments I’ve made to myself. Do some yoga every morning, lift some 2 lb. Campbell soup cans with each arm while I’m in the kitchen waiting for something to finish baking or coffee brewing. It all adds up. There’s more. I want to help others, at any age, look their best and I can do that! Prints, strips, colors, textures and age defying. It’s all part of the game and fun fun fun once we get the hang of it. First lesson, a girl can’t go wrong with the right pair of heels and handbag. Everything in-between can be negotiated and that’s the best part. Stay tuned:)

I have some favorite people in my life. Granted, they are few in number but to me, it’s not the number that matters. But there are still feelings around those favorite people and I put them in categories. The ones that won’t betray me, at any cost, those that talk behind my back and those that want me, genuinely, in their life. That’s where the rubber hits the road. Recently on Facebook someone had asked those that really cared about her to reply. Those that didn’t vanished from her life. I’m busy weeding. I don’t think it’s necessary to be rude but time spent now, in every moment, is very precious. Question: is time spent listening to other’s chatter about their broken toilet or car or relationships of benefit to me? Yes I have spent a fair amount of time complaining about the broken toilet, relationships gone awry and various other topics, but I’ve woken up, I believe, and I’m onward and upward from this day forward.  Movin’ on (big smile).  I hope you do too.  Move forward to spend time with quality people who love and support you through thick and thin.  They will show themselves immediately.  That’s what I like.  Show yourself and then I get to choose.  Happy hunting!

Pet Therapy is a learned process which takes time and dedication.  It can be a fun and exciting experience to work with your pet making sure they have basic training such as walking on a leash, sitting, speaking, staying and rolling over– all on command, prior to PT training.  As with any undertaking, the more you know, the better and you and your pet will benefit.  Pet Therapy is quite different than a service dog.  A PT animal is basically a companion pet.  There are horses, reptiles, cats, dogs, llamas and many more species that take center stage.  Purpose of a PT is to simply be a companion to whomever they might be visiting at a hospital, hospice, libraries, schools and/or assisted living facilities to offer solace in time of pain or need to sooth and console feelings